More Fun Matches!


It seems that there is another agility fun match just scheduled – and its the same day as ours!

So… we are rescheduling ours – HOW GREAT IS THAT! another opportunity to play with our dogs !

HI- FLYERS ANNUAL HALLOWEEN MATCH rescheduled to SATURDAY Oct 19 – stay tuned for more info and save the date for our next one – DECEMBER 8 for
our BIG XMAS pot luck extravaganza – more goodies than you can imagine – share your Xmas baking (who doesn’t have extras? – or just come with an appetite – and don’t forget to bring your dog for agility fun!

Save the dates!

SAVE THE DATES – Hi-Flyers fun match dates. Come and join us at our new location – Dumbledogs at 974 Powell. It’s a great new space – come and play with us throughout the winter – follow us on Facebook for the latest news

Oct 27 – Halloween match

Dec 8 – Xmas match

Feb 9 – Valentine match

March 8

April 5 – Easter match

May 3

Thank You, from Stephanie

I have been doing agility with my dogs since 2005 and was an agility instructor at Hi-Flyers since 2011. I just want to thank Iris Shrimpton and Janet Ingersoll of Hi-Flyers for giving me that opportunity to be an instructor for all those years!! I have learned so very much with Hi-Flyers and all my fellow instructors and also learned very much from the different amazing dogs that held my heart. I have been able to progress to participate at a competitive level in agility and appreciate all the guidance along the way.

Thank you


HI-Flyers new location – classes start Oct 8. We are all looking forward to joining Dumbledogs in their new facility. If you check this out on Google maps you can see the securely fenced green space behind the building – which will will have access to for exercising dogs directly from our training room.  It’s a bit sad to leave Bradford but looking forward to being in a newer and larger space – and wishing Lisa Kalkhoven, Katherina Dueck and Bradford Dogs every success!