Hi-Flyers offers classes for dogs and handlers of all abilities and experience levels.

Beginner Session

In the beginner classes we start with foundation training, then introduce the dogs to the agility equipment and start to put pieces together to develop sequences. We teach the most effective handling techniques that will allow the handler to successfully negotiate an agility course with his or her dog. Some of our students compete at agility trials, however many students continue to come out to class to enjoy an evening working with their dog with no plans to compete. We welcome both competitive and non-competitive handlers.

In order to enter the beginner level of agility class, your dog should know 4 basic obedience commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come.  If you are on the waiting list for a beginner class, obedience classes are a good way to get your dog acclimatized to a class setting while learning those basic commands.  Interactive play with your dog and impulse control training also help prepare your dog for agility.Things to Bring:

  • Handlers should wear comfortable clothing that allows you to run in, and running shoes.
  • Dogs should wear a flat buckle collar and a six foot leash.
  • Bring soft training treats and a toy (if your dog likes to play with a toy) with you to each class.

Novice Session

Once a dog and handler have completed a beginner level of agility training (either at Hi-Flyers or elsewhere), you are invited to join our Novice level classes. Dogs and handlers in these classes are grouped according to skill level and experience. You will be placed in a group with handlers and dogs who are at a similar level. These classes continue where Beginner classes ended. Your dog will become more proficient on all the agility obstacles and as a handler you will learn more advanced handling skills.

At the Novice level students are encouraged to practice outside of class. We can provide advice on purchasing or making agility equipment as well as exercises to do with your dog at home.

Advanced Session

For those who are interested in competition, you will be provided with all the information you need to be prepared to compete. Since Hi-Flyers instructors attend all local trials, and most matches, we will be available at these events to coach and support Hi-Flyers students through the trialing experience.

Please Note: Classes are filled on a first come first served basis. Please be sure you have contacted Hi-Flyers in advance of the first session to confirm your registered spot in class.

Beginner classes are usually held on Wednesday, Intermediate on Monday and Advanced on Tuesday. Classes are at 6:30 and 7:45.

Please contact Iris to inquire about class availability. Please be patient if we do not reply right away.

If you thinking of joining a class, we encourage you to visit a class before you start training with us so you will know what to expect and be better prepared for classes.  It is best to visit without your dog.

Visitors are always welcome to any of our classes, but we apologize if we do not have much time to talk. Class nights are BUSY! Come out and watch our classes and then give us a call or email.

Classes are held at Hi-Flyers Agility at Dumbledogs training center at 974 Powell Avenue.

Summer competition classes on Tuesdays are held at WW Stables.

Map to Hi-Flyers at the Dumbledogs building: (974 Powell Street)

Map to WW Stables: (1356 McCreary Road)