Carolyn Kutchyera

CarolynQ&A with Carolyn:

What do you like most about agility?
Establishing methods of communication (two ways), the dance, the teamwork! I love it when you get those moments when it all comes together, even if only briefly at first. It is very rewarding to see a dog and his/her human learn how to become a team.

What are some of your agility highlights?

  • First partner dog came to her over 30 years ago; he was her first ‘trainer’ as they mimic’d horse jump courses in the backyard – before agility was even started in England.
  • Accomplishing the starters level in AAC with Kayli after several years trialing (the slow and steady route…)
  • Very interested in the dog as an athlete, how the body works.
  • Currently studying canine massage therapy. Obtained certification as an equine massage body worker in 2006.

What do you in your “other” life (apart from dogs) ?

  • Worked full time with dogs in a dog daycare – pack leader (pack management, dispute settlement, chief ear scratcher, reward giver, ball thrower …)
  • Equine Bodywork (massage therapy) Canines soon to be added.
  • Also work in theatre, dance, and sporting events as a stage manager and production coordinator.
  • Do research for various companies.
  • Wrote web content for a television program.
  • Assist in the care of geriatric horses at a horse barn, play with and train adult horse
  • Anything else interesting that comes along…

Tell us about your dog(s):

Name: Kayli
Born: April 2000
Breed: All-Canadian
Titles: SGDC, SADC, NAC, NJC (a little ADD)
New Puppy late 07!

Tell us about your experience teaching agility:

Hi-Flyers Agility Training, Winnipeg, MB

Beginner/Novice Agility Instructor, January 2003 to Present

Have you attended any other classes or workshops for agility?

  • Competing since about 2002
  • Have had a variety of experiences in helping adults learn new skills in a variety of settings, and have studied adult education.
  • Have always worked with my own animals in achieving a harmonious, mutually respectful relationship using positive reinforcement.

Training Seminars:
Terry Smorch Agility Handling Seminar, Winnipeg, MB
Summer, 2004

Brett Duke Agility Handling Seminars
Summer, 2004 & 2005 (both in Winnipeg)

Stacey Peardot-Goudy Agility Handling Seminar
October, 2005

Behaviour Problems and Aggression, Regina SK.
Instruction by Suzanne Clothier
Summer, 2005

Your Athletic Dog, Regina SK
Instruction by Suzanne Clothier
Summer, 2005

Clicker Training, Winnipeg, MB
Instruction by Hi Flyers
Summer, 2003/2004

Clicker Training: Principles of Operant Conditioning, Oakbank, MB
Instruction by Kathy Keats
January, 2006

Canine Physiotherapy Workshop
Presented by Sylvia Lavalee
March 2006

11th Annual Conference for the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
(member), Saskatoon, SK. May 2007
Presenters: Dr. Stanely Coren, Dr Ian Dunbar, Dr. Jesùs Rosales-Ruiz, Keilly Abbat, Sue Ailsby, Cheryl Bartlett, Tammy Brook-Dekens, Robyn Hood

What books/magazines or videos have you enjoyed or would recommend to agility students?

  • Don’t Shoot the Dog –Karen Prior
  • How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication – Stanley Coren
  • Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog – Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Training Dogs, and Dog Aggression: Fighting – Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Getting in Ttouch with Your Dog – Linda Tellington-Jones
  • Bones Would Rain from the Sky – Suzanne Clothier

Favourite Dog Magazine – Clean Run