Iris Shrimpton

IrisIris Shrimpton has been competing in the sport of agility for approximately 17 years. Iris teaches all levels of classes at Hi-Flyers and regularly competes with Kiam (Ki), an Australian Shepherd.  She also has a Border Collie X who is retired, and a 10 month old Australian Shepherd, Deja.

Iris is a founding member of AIM (Agility in Manitoba). She helped to draft its Constitution, and has held the offices of President and Secretary as well as being on several committees.

She regularly participates in various dog sport seminars, clinics, and workshops, which include the Clean Run Camp, Bud Houston, and does demos for events such as the Great Manitoba Dog Party, Winnipeg Blue Bomber football and Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball games, the Triple S Fair and Rodeo and the Winnipeg Humane Society’s Paws in Motion, and has attended Herding Clinics. She has also attended at Clicker Expo in Chicago, put on by Karen Pryor.

Iris participates in a number of other dog-related activities. She has been active in training in Obedience for more than 25 years and obtained a Utility title on her American Cocker Spaniel, Tia. Iris also competed in Scent Hurdle Racing, and was the Manitoba Representative for several years. Iris competed in Flyball with her Australian Shepherd, Kila, who was the first Australian Shepherd to obtain the Flyball title of Grand Master Champion, and was the No.1 Australian Shepherd in Flyball in North America having earned over 61,000 points.

Hi-Flyers believes in the importance of ongoing education and training. They have made every attempt to update their knowledge and skills, and keep up with the latest training methods in Agility and other dogsports. With this in mind they have attended the following seminars or workshops:

Agility Handling Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003
Instruction by Terry Smorch

Advanced Agility Handling Seminar – Wisconsin – Summer, 2000
Instruction by Stuart Mah & Patti Hatfield

Beginner and Advanced Agility Handling – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2000
Instruction by Susan Garrett

Smokin’ Sneakers Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2001
Instruction by Gary White

Smokin’ Sneakers 2 Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2002
Instruction by Gary White

Clean Run Camp – Lexington Virginia 2001
Various Instructors

Dogwood Masters Camp – Ostrander Ohio – May 2002
Instruction by Bud Houston

Agility Handling Seminar – Wisconsin – Summer, 2002
Instruction provided by Julie Daniels

AAC Nationals Pre-Game Seminar – Palgrave ON, August 2002
Instruction by Susan Garrett and Kathy Keats

Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2003
Instruction provided by Janet Ooms

Handling Techniques Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2003
Instruction provided by Guy Blancke (Coach for Canadian Agility Team 2003)

Agility Handling Seminars, Winnipeg, MB – Winter 2004, Spring 2004 & 2005
Instruction by Brett Duke

Filed of Dreams Agility Instructor Camp – Belvedere, Illinois – June 2004
Instruction by Stacey Peardot-Goudy, Elicia Calhoun, Wendy Pape, Lee Mannix

Clicker Expo – Chicago 2004
Karen Pryor and various other Clicker experts

Agility Handling Seminar – Winnipeg – October, 2005
Stacey Peardot-Goudy

Behaviour Problems and Aggression – Regina SK – Summer 2005
Instruction by Suzanne Clothier

Your Athletic Dog – Regina SK – Summer 2005
Instruction by Suzanne Clothier

Agility Handling Seminar – Oakbank MB – January 2005
Instruction by Terry Simons

Clicker Training: Principles of Operant Conditioning – Oakbank, MB – Jan. 2006
Instruction by Kathy Keats

Physiotherapy for the Canine Athlete – Winnipeg – March 2005 and 2006
Presented by Sylvia Lavalee

Masters Agility Handling – Minneapolis, MN – February 2006
Instruction by Nancy Gyes

Stand and Fly Agility Camp – Prince Albert SK – August 2006
Instruction by Terry Simons, Kim Anderson, Cheryl Bartlett

Foundation Training for Puppies and Handling the Fast Dog – Winnipeg – January 2007
Instruction by Rachel Sanders

Handling Seminar – Winnipeg – February 2007
Instruction by Barb Davis