Janet Ingersoll

JanetQ&A with Janet:

What do you like most about agility?
The partnership between handler and dog – It is truly amazing when your dog understand what you are asking of her and the two of you move together through the course. I love the feeling of being “in the zone” when it comes together for you and your dog as a team – whether that is for a complete run in competition or just a sequence in practice.

What are some of your agility highlights?

  • Competing in AAC (Agility Association of Canada) at the National level – and placing 13th out of 81 dogs in the very competitive 22” division was very exciting.
  • Winning the top dog award in the Regular Division at the Brandon AAC trial (Lisa Kalkhoven won the top dog award in specials at the same trial).
  • Participating in the SuperDog show in the Olympic Stadium in Montréal
  • Placing second in the Clicker Challenge at Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo in Chicago
  • Attending Clean Run Camp in Lexington Virginia to work with my dog under instructors from all over the world that I had only read about previously. (Nancy Gyes, Jo Sermon, Wendy Pape, Dave Blackshaw, Linda Mecklenberg, Julie Daniels). Completing the 60 weave pole challenge.
  • Having Elicia Calhoun and Stacy Peardot critique my teaching at Instructor Camp in Chicago.
  • Handling Julie Daniels’ Border Collie, Spring, at a seminar in Wisconsin
  • Winning first place for the fastest pure bred 3 dog sled team at the Festival du Voyageur from the Siberian Husky Club of Canada – with 2 English Springer Spaniels.

Tell us about your dog(s):
Kayley – Bushbusters Kayley of Camelot
Born: April 15, 1998
Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Cassi – Bushbusters SassiCassi
Born: April 1, 2003
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Titles: TN-N, TG-N,

Tell us about your experience teaching agility:

  • Conformation – earned a Championship on one of my previous Springers
  • Obedience – have put obedience titles on 2 of my previous dogs to the CDX level, and continue to train current dogs in obedience.
  • Field work – I have trained my Springers in field trialing and competed in club matches. Earned a Working Spaniel title.
  • Dog sledding – have competed in the Festival du Voyageur sled dog races and continue to train current dogs in sledding. Long standing member of SnoMotion.
  • Scent Hurdle Racing – Competed and titled dogs in Scent Hurdle Racing
  • Disc Dog – have trained and competed in Disc Dog events
  • Flyball – played Flyball for 15 years. Kayley was the #1 Flyball Springer in North America, and the first Springer to earn the FMX, FMCH, and Onyx titles. Rally O – participate in seminars and matches
  • SuperDogs – member of the International SuperDog team since 1988
  • Agility – participated in agility demos with Allsorts Dogsports from 1987 – 2003. Taught Agility for Allsorts Dogsports 1990 – 1992.
  • Competed in agility in Canada and the US since early 1990’s.
  • Founding member of Agility in Manitoba
  • Co – owner and Instructor – Hi-Flyers Agility Training – all levels 1997 – presen
  • I have also taught Clicker Training seminars and teach an annual PVC Jump Construction Clinic

What do you in your “other” life (apart from dogs)?
I work full time as a Senior Manager in a non-profit youth care agency – Macdonald Youth Services. I am a long time member of the Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory and volunteer at their plant sale every year.

Have you attended any other classes or workshops for agility?
Agility Handling Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003
Instruction by Terry Smorch

Flyball Seminar – Edmonton, AB – Summer, 2000
Instruction by Aaron & Kelly Robbins(from the World Record Holding team of Rocket Relay)

Advanced Agility Handling Seminar – Wisconsin – Summer, 2000
Instruction by Stuart Mah & Patti Hatfield

Beginner and Advanced Agility Handling – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2000
Instruction by Susan Garrett

Smokin’ Sneakers Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2001
Instruction by Gary White

Smokin’ Sneakers 2 Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2002
Instruction by Gary White

Clean Run Camp – Lexington Virginia 2001
Various Instructors

Dogwood Masters Camp – Ostrander Ohio – May 2002
Instruction by Bud Houston

Agility Handling Seminar – Wisconsin – Summer, 2002
Instruction provided by Julie Daniels

AAC Nationals Pre-Game Seminar – Palgrave ON, August 2002
Instruction by Susan Garrett and Kathy Keats

Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2003
Instruction provided by Janet Ooms

Handling Techniques Agility Seminar – Winnipeg, MB – Summer, 2003
Instruction provided by Guy Blancke (Coach for Canadian Agility Team 2003)

Agility Handling Seminars, Winnipeg, MB – Winter 2004, Spring 2004 & 2005
Instruction by Brett Duke

Filed of Dreams Agility Instructor Camp – Belvedere, Illinois – June 2004
Instruction by Stacey Peardot-Goudy, Elicia Calhoun, Wendy Pape, Lee Mannix

Clicker Expo – Chicago 2004
Karen Pryor and various other Clicker experts

Agility Handling Seminar – Winnipeg – October, 2005
Stacey Peardot-Goudy

Behaviour Problems and Aggression – Regina SK – Summer 2005
Instruction by Suzanne Clothier

Your Athletic Dog – Regina SK – Summer 2005
Instruction by Suzanne Clothier

Agility Handling Seminar – Oakbank MB – January 2005
Instruction by Terry Simons

Clicker Training: Principles of Operant Conditioning – Oakbank, MB – Jan. 2006
Instruction by Kathy Keats

Physiotherapy for the Canine Athlete – Winnipeg – March 2005 and 2006
Presented by Sylvia Lavalee

Masters Agility Handling – Minneapolis, MN – February 2006
Instruction by Nancy Gyes

Stand and Fly Agility Camp – Prince Albert SK – August 2006
Instruction by Terry Simons, Kim Anderson, Cheryl Bartlett

Foundation Training for Puppies and Handling the Fast Dog – Winnipeg – January 2007
Instruction by Rachel Sanders

Handling Seminar – Winnipeg – February 2007
Instruction by Barb Davis