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Lisa Kalkhoven

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Q&A with Lisa:

What do you like most about agility?

“The best part about agility is the amazing bond it creates between you and your dog. You can tell the dogs love it, they are working with you and you become so tuned into one another. It’s like a machine!.”

What are some of your agility highlights?

  • Member of Eukanuba SuperDogs team for 2 years running
  • Experienced with many different animals from horses to rodents
  • 3 years experience in training my own dogs in agility

What are some other activities you do with your dogs?

  • Training in freestyle disc
  • Participated in Rally Obedience seminar and fun match
  • Member of Inner Drive flyball team who placed 1st in Division 1

What do you in your “other” life (apart from dogs)?

  • Knowledge in dog biology learned from degree in Zoology at University of Manitoba
  • Employed as Animal Technician at The University of Manitoba
  • Attended in Physiotherapy seminar provided by Sylvia Lavalee

Tell us about your experience teaching agility:

Hi-Flyers Agility Training
Winnipeg, MB

Beginner/Novice Agility Instructor
2001 to Present

Competing with my own dogs at the Novice, Advanced, and Elite levels

Have you attended any other classes or workshops for agility?

  • Attended obedience classes
  • Competing in Rally Obedience fun matches when available
  • Acted as judge for NADAC fun match
  • Developing Canine Freestyle routine for future freestyle fun competitions/demos
  • Knowledgeable in clicker training methodology

Training Seminars:

Smokin’ Sneakers Agility Seminar, Winnipeg, MB
Instruction by Gary White
Summer, 2001

Smokin’ Sneakers 2 Agility Seminar, Winnipeg, MB
Instruction by Gary White
Summer, 2002

Agility Seminar with focus on handling techniques, Omaha, NB
Instruction provided by Julie Daniels
Summer, 2002

Agility Seminar, Winnipeg, MB
Instruction provided by Janet Ooms
Summer, 2003

Tell us about your dog(s):

Joxur The Mighty
Born 1999
Rottweiler/Lab Cross
Winnipeg Humane Society

Born 2001
Boxer/Dalmation Cross
Calgary Pet Rescue

Born 2001
Jack Russel Terrier
Saskatchewan Breeder

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